Discover the Charm of Falls Church, VA: A Guide to Living in the Little City

A city of lights across the river with the text "Discover the Charm of Falls Church VA: A guide to living in the little city."

Are you looking for a charming town close to the big city? Look no further than Falls Church, Virginia! Located just 7 miles from Washington, D.C., this little city has all the perks of a big city with the cozy feeling of a small town. Let's take a closer look at what makes Falls Church so special.            

Things to Do in Falls Church                          

If you love fresh produce, baked goods, and handmade items, then you'll love the year-round farmers market. With about 40 vendors, it's a great place to meet up with friends and neighbors while taking a stroll. Right next to the market is Cherry Hill Park, which has a lot of history and is a popular spot for locals and tourists.

Another must-visit spot is Eden Center, also known as "Little Saigon." This bustling shopping area has a variety of shops and restaurants, perfect for those looking for a real taste of Vietnam. And if you're a music lover, don't miss the State Theatre, which has live music and entertainment all year.

Falls Church and the Surrounding Area       

It is located near Route 66 and the Beltway, making commuting by car a breeze. If you'd rather sit back and relax. It has two Metro stations: West Falls Church and East Falls Church. Although there is limited parking at the stations, nearby bus stops make it easy to get to the Metro.

What you can Love                              

 When you visit this city you would be in love with the year-round farmers market, which makes finding fresh, healthy foods . Eden Center is another beloved spot, with its wide variety of Vietnamese shops and restaurants. And for a fun night out with friends, the State Theatre is a great place to catch a show.

Bottom Line                                   

Falls Church, Virginia, is a small town with big city amenities. It's perfect for you and your family, who want a more laid-back lifestyle close to the nation's capital. With its year-round farmers market, historical landmarks, variety of places to eat, and different housing options, Falls Church has something for everyone. Plus, with easy access to public transportation, you can easily explore nearby areas. There's so much to love about Falls Church. With its local charm and easy access to bigger cities like Washington, D.C., it's no wonder why so many people are proud to call this city home.

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