Your Kid’s Guide to Summer Fun Around D.C.

Summer Fun in DC for Kids

Family time is about creating shared experiences, and what better way to make these moments than during summer? 

For people living in or around the Washington D.C. area, you’ll find plenty of attractions to keep your kids entertained during your summer stay-cation in Washington, D.C! 

Smithsonian's National Zoo Panda

Wildlife Wonders at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

Pandas? Lions? Zebras? All other exotic animals you won’t find elsewhere? You’ll find them all in the Smithsonian National Zoo. Here, your kids can watch animal feedings and even have the chance to see baby animals up close. 

The National Zoo houses over 300 species from around the world, so there’s always something new and exciting to discover. And guess what? The experience is entirely free! 

Explore the Majestic Gardens

Don't let the urban hustle and bustle fool you—D.C. has its fair share of captivating gardens, too. You won't want to miss out on the United States Botanic Garden. It has a tropical rainforest, a beautiful rose garden, and even a mesmerizing butterfly garden! We’re pretty sure your kids wouldn’t want to miss these attractions, either! 

Another gem is the 50-acre Brookside Gardens.  Like the United States Botanic Garden, Brookside Gardens also features several gardens with diverse plant species and picturesque landscapes. Take a stroll and discover the enchanting Japanese-style garden, the Butterfly Garden, the Yew Garden, among many others.

Enjoy the National Parks for Free!

Looking for amazing outdoor adventures that won’t take you far from D.C.? D.C. is also a hub for parks and green spaces! And that could only mean one thing – lots of outdoor fun for you and your kids!

Rock Creek Park is one of our favorites, as it offers many fun things to do. With hiking, picnicking, fishing, horseback riding, and so much more, you will find something for even the hardest to please! There are even educational programs for kids, perfect for your little ones who want to know more about the park's natural wonders and history.

Even better, many of these parks provide free admission, making them a perfect option for budget-friendly family fun!

Splash Away the Summer Heat: Sprinkler Parks and Splash Pads

When the summer heat peaks, D.C.'s water play areas with sprinkler parks and spraygrounds offer a refreshing escape. After all, what's more fun than running through water on a hot day? These water play areas are perfect for children to cool off and have a blast.

One popular destination is Yard’s Park, which features a massive water basin where kids can splash around. Another is the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Not only does it feature a delightful splash fountain, it also offers scenic views. Your kids can run through the water jets and have a great time while you relax and take in the picturesque surroundings.

And if you still need one more recommendation, why not head over to Petworth Spray Park? With its kid-friendly splash pads and fountains, this water play area is a hit with young children. 

By exploring these incredible attractions and engaging in fun activities, you and your family will create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

Ready to Move Your Family to the D.C. Area?

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Many areas in the DMV offer an exceptional environment for kids to learn, play, and grow. Create lasting memories with your kids in this vibrant city.  Contact Shepherd Homes Group for expert guidance and explore the beautiful opportunities waiting for you and your family!


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