Why Alexandria is the Place to Raise a Family

Raising a Family in Alexandria

Alexandria has been gaining popularity recently – and for a reason: it is a vibrant city that offers so many things to do for everyone. Even better: it’s located just a few miles from Washington, D.C. 


But one more thing makes Alexandria stand out: its growing reputation as one of the best places to live and raise a family. So many things make Alexandria a family-friendly city, and why you should add it to your list of potential places to settle down. 

Reason #1: Strong Sense of Community and Social Connection

Alexandria made it to the Top 50 Best Places to Live for Families list in 2023. As assessed and evaluated by Fortune Magazine, Alexandra was ranked 18th among the thousands of cities, towns, suburbs, and places. 


Alexandria offers plenty of activities that help combat isolation and loneliness – two of the most critical data points used to determine its ranking. We're talking about abundant dining, shopping, and recreational options – all within easy access along its pedestrian-friendly streets. And did we mention that Alexandria has at least 900 acres of parks and public spaces for families to engage in fun outdoor activities?


Alexandria is also home to numerous neighborhoods known for their welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. No wonder families are charmed by this vibrant city! 

Reason #2: Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are non-negotiable factors when choosing a place to raise a family; fortunately, Alexandria excels in both areas. Alexandria, in fact, belongs to the top 20 safest large cities as ranked by SmartAsset. 


Its very low crime rates prove Alexandria prioritizes safety and security. The city also takes proactive security measures by implementing efficient community policing programs. This emphasis on safety allows families to feel at ease and without constant worry while going about their daily lives. 


Alexandria also values privacy as much as it values security. In addition to single-family homes in tranquil neighborhoods, the city offers a variety of housing options that meet different family needs.


Reason #3: Speed and Efficiency 

Everybody loves speed and efficiency, especially families with busy schedules and multiple commitments. What’s great about Alexandria is that it’s one of the most progressive US cities in terms of speed and efficiency.


Most families find navigating the city easy and reaching their destinations on time. The secret? A well-planned and efficient transport system. Alexandria is also one of the few cities with direct access to major interstate highways! 


Alexandria is also known for its reliable public transportation options, making commuting more convenient for those who prefer not to drive. It is serviced by reliable taxis, buses, and five Metrorail stations strategically located throughout the city! 

Raising a Family in Alexandria VA

Reason #4: Family-Friendly Environment and Activities

Nurturing kids often requires a supportive and enriching environment, and it's no secret that Alexandria excels in this regard. 


There are plenty of family-friendly attractions and activities in Alexandria. The diverse range of activities involves everything from museums to outdoor adventures and sports facilities. No wonder why Alexandria is often the top choice for families!


Reason #5: Exceptional Educational Opportunities

Of course, we can't talk about Alexandria without highlighting its educational opportunities. 

Alexandria’s school system is unique as it is home to two highly-rated public school systems – the Fairfax County Public Schools and the Alexandria City Public Schools. But if you prefer private education for your children, Alexandria doesn't disappoint either. The city has several private schools known for their rigorous academic programs.


There’s no doubt that Alexandria offers a rich educational landscape, and that’s one of the main reasons why it continues to stand out as a place where kids can have well-rounded, top-quality education. 


Reason #6: Easy Access to Washington, D.C. 

Let’s be honest: living in the nation's capital has its perks, but there are also plenty of cons. Washington, D.C. is great – until you contend with the daily hustle and bustle and the high cost of living – not to mention the lack of space to raise a family! 


Aside from easy access to Washington, D.C., Alexandria also offers a more family-friendly environment. It offers the best of both worlds by providing a peaceful and suburban atmosphere while being just a short commute away from the heart of the nation's capital. 


Reason #7: Robust Economy

Since Alexandria is close to Washington, D.C., it benefits directly from the spillover of the capital's economic activities. As a result, it is now (and continues to be) a thriving hub for all kinds of industries. 


The good news is that families in Alexandria reap the benefits of this economic boom. Career growth opportunities are abundant, and the job market is teeming with possibilities.


But that’s not all. The economic boom in Alexandria goes beyond just providing job opportunities and career growth; it’s a catalyst for positive change. It helps fund essential services for education, healthcare, and the community. 


Why Shepherd Homes LOVES Alexandria

Raising a family is no walk in the park – we get that. However, finding the right place to settle down will give you the support you need to navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood. Throughout this article, we learned that Alexandria offers several reasons that make it the ideal place to raise a family.


If you are interested in moving to this beautiful city or want to learn more, contact us at Shepherd Homes Group. We'd be happy to help you explore all the beautiful opportunities Alexandria offers.


Start your journey towards a fulfilling family life in Alexandria – where community, security, convenience, education, and a robust economy converge. Contact Shepherd Homes Group today, and let us guide you through the process of making Alexandria your new home. 


We can't wait to welcome you to this remarkable city!


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