The Shepherd Homes Group is among the top 25 producing teams in the greater Washington, DC area and in the top 1% in the nation. What separates us from our competitors is that we are not in business simply for the next deal. We are in it to build the next relationship. 

Our team was founded on the principles of a Shepherd. A Shepherd, to us, is someone who sacrifices everything to guide and protect those they care for. This is exactly what we set out to do for our clients. Our team consists of real estate agents who love the industry and wholeheartedly appreciate that buying and selling a home is often a major milestone and an important part of achieving the American dream. The team is transforming the way real estate is conducted and will lead the way in how teams will operate in the future. 

The Shepherd Homes Group is built to help build each agent’s business so that each agent can make a bigger impact in helping families better their lives through real estate.  

Jason Cheperdak Realtor® and Team Founder (774) 278-1509

Sharon Frye Director of Operations and Realtor® (540) 309-7760

Maneja Houchin Contracts Manager (703) 625-3166

Lizelle Papa Administrative Assistant (540) 309-7760

Maria Sacabon-Le Administrative Assistant (540) 309-7760

Anya Solano Realtor® (703) 717-2310

Boni Vinter Realtor®, SRES (703) 298-6700

Julia Maltsev Realtor® (703) 992-3522

Lindsey Emami Realtor® (973) 903-0886

Nelson Vargas Realtor® (540) 827-7340

Sean Feroli Realtor® (405) 919-9779

Ronnie Gallier Realtor® (703) 618-9844

Jonathan Asfour Realtor (703) 254-9628

Grant Cox Realtor (571) 281-8485

Linda Min Realtor (703) 655-3597

Walid Bouaichi Realtor (202) 460-1831

Helen David ISA (571) 307-4690